Personal Finance Daily: How Trump and Biden tax policies could affect your paycheck and coronavirus cases linked to long flights early in pandemic

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Personal Finance
Coronavirus cases linked to long airline flights early in pandemic, studies show

The studies looked at a 10-hour flight and a 15-hour flight that occurred in March, before airlines started requiring masks.

Ellen DeGeneres says being known as the ‘be kind’ lady is ‘tricky’ in her embattled show’s season premiere

The daytime talk show host addressed her toxic workplace controversy in the opening monologue

How Trump and Biden tax policies could affect your paycheck, tax return, investment portfolio and nest egg

The economy is a very important issue for nearly 80% of voters in this presidential election.

How a President Biden or a President Trump could affect the student-debt crisis and college affordability

Biden has vowed to make public college free for some and cancel a portion of borrowers’ student-loan debt if he's elected; Trump says tuition-free college 'is anything but free.'

See the house that Tommy Hilfiger is selling for $47.5 million

The luxurious Greenwich, Conn., estate of the fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, Dee, has come on the market for $47.5 million. The pricey property is currently the most expensive listing in the tony town.

As wildfires burn the West Coast, residents face another challenge: High prices pushing people out of urban centers

Working-class Americans in states like California are more likely to see their homes go up in flames, but choosing a safer place to live isn’t necessarily straightforward in the age of climate change.

This is exactly how much car prices have gone up

New cars cost more than ever now. Here are some reasons why vehicle ownership costs are surging.

This is the fierce competition the Tesla Cybertruck faces in the EV truck market

At least 7 automakers – including Ford and GM, and start-ups like Rivian – have announced plans to offer electric pickups.

Avoid these 4 big home insurance mistakes

Even if you think you’re prepared, it may be your homeowners insurance doesn’t fully cover hurricane damage.

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Pelosi says she has ‘arrows in my quiver’ on court fight, but unclear what they are

Short of sending over additional articles of impeachment, that quiver may be pretty empty.

Fed’s Powell tells Congress it’s up to them to provide aid to some troubled companies

Some troubled U.S. companies would benefit more from direct aid from Congress rather than any loan from the U.S. central bank, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said Monday

Here’s what has to happen for President Trump and Mitch McConnell to seat a new Supreme Court justice before Election Day

Who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Here’s how key swing states are leaning in the presidential race — and how they’re weathering the recession

As a few battleground states look on track to decide the 2020 White House race, it's worth looking at how their economies are faring during the coronavirus recession.

Wall Street home loans aren’t looking great in this crisis

Delinquencies on home loans made by Wall Street lenders to borrowers with spotty credit aren't performing so well during the pandemic.
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