NYC's 'Fearless Girl' statue dons white, lace collar to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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NEW YORK – In a tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the "Fearless Girl" statue outside the New York Stock Exchange donned a lace collar over the weekend.

The collar was placed on the statue as part of an advertisement by State Street Global Advisors, the asset management company that commissioned the statue.

The "Fearless Girl" statue has been standing in lower Manhattan since International Women's Day in 2017, first facing off with Wall Street’s iconic bull statue then later moved outside the New York Stock Exchange.

An ad placed in the Sunday edition of the New York Times by State Street Global Advisors showed the statue wearing a lace collar similar to Ginsburg's iconic one, with the words "Here's to the original" above.

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"We created Fearless Girl to inspire and promote women in leadership," Cyrus Taraporevala, president and chief executive officer of State Street Global Advisors, said in a statement to USA TODAY. Adding a lace collar to the statue was a way the company paid tribute "to the remarkable life and legacy of Justice Ginsburg," he said.

Ginsburg, the second woman ever to serve on the Supreme Court and a champion for gender equality, told the Washington Post in 2009 that she started wearing the collars, along with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, so they they could wear something "typical of a woman."

"You know, the standard robe is made for a man because it has a place for the shirt to show, and the tie," Ginsburg told the Post. "So Sandra Day O'Connor and I thought it would be appropriate if we included as part of our robe something typical of a woman. So I have many, many collars."

In 2014, Ginsburg showed journalist Katie Couric her collections of collars, or jabots, which she had gathered from around the world.

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Ginsburg's told Couric that her favorite was a simple, white lace collar from South Africa. She also had a "dissenting" collar and a "majority opinion" collar. 

The "Fearless Girl" statue was erected as part of an effort by State Street Global Advisors for more women to be added to the boards of the companies they invested in.

Contributing: Charisse Jones
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