FBI warns delayed election results could be exploited by foreign actors spreading disinformation

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WASHINGTON – The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warned that foreign actors and cybercriminals could try to discredit the electoral process by spreading false information as state and election officials work to certify 2020 election results.

The widespread use of mail-in ballots because of COVID-19 will cause delays in announcing the results of elections, as some states allow the ballots to be postmarked on election day. 

"Foreign actors and cybercriminals could exploit the time required to certify and announce elections' results by disseminating disinformation that includes reports of voter suppression, cyberattacks targeting election infrastructure, voter or ballot fraud, and other problems intended to convince the public of the elections' illegitimacy," the agencies said in a public service announcement released Tuesday.

The agencies said false information could be found on social media or new or altered websites. The public is urged to think critically about the sources of information they consume. 

U.S. intel: Russia working to defeat Biden; China and Iran prefer Trump defeat

An intelligence assessment published last month found that Russia is actively working to "denigrate" Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The findings by the National Counter-Intelligence and Security Center called out pro-Russia Ukraine parliamentarian Andriy Derkach for spreading false corruption claims to undermine Biden's presidential bid. 

The assessment also concluded that China saw President Donald Trump as "unpredictable" and wants him to lose the election. 

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before a House panel last week that Russia remains "very active" in its effort to sow discord in the U.S. electoral process. Reports by the Senate Intelligence Committee have backed findings by former special counsel Robert Mueller that Russia sought to sway the 2016 presidential race in Trump's favor.

Wray testifies: Russia 'very active' in 2020 election; antifa not a terror group, FBI director testifies

Trump attacked Wray following his testimony, telling reporters Friday that he "did not like" the FBI director's answers. 

"The big problem is China, and why he doesn't want to say that ... that certainly bothers me," said Trump, who has frequently tried to discredit evidence of Russian interference and has unleashed relentless attacks on the legitimacy of mail-in voting.


Senate report: Manafort a 'grave' threat as Russia meddled in election

A Senate report found that Manafort shared Trump campaign strategy with a Russian official. It also said a Russian attorney who met at Trump Tower with Manafort, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner had "significant connections" to the Kremlin.

Trump attacks mail-in voting: Donald Trump keeps blasting 'universal' mail voting. But few states are planning that in November

Attorney General William Barr echoed Trump, telling CNN that China, not Russia, is the most aggressive in efforts to interfere in U.S. elections.

"Because I've seen the intelligence. That's what I've concluded," Barr said, declining to elaborate further.

On Tuesday, Facebook said it removed fake accounts and pages that originated from China and posted content favoring and opposing Trump, Biden and former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. The company, however, said the activity was not linked to the Chinese government and gained very little following. 

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