Personal Finance Daily: Funding for the extra $300 unemployment benefit is nearing depletion and 4 Supreme Court cases this fall with money implications

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Personal Finance
Funding for the extra $300 unemployment benefit is nearing depletion — but it’s lasting longer in some states

More than 94% of the FEMA disaster-relief money being used to fund the extra benefits has been distributed to make the $300-a-week payments across more than 20 states

As Ginsburg’s death reshapes the future of the Supreme Court — here are 4 cases this fall with money implications for families and companies

Issues on the docket include copyright law, regulations tied to prescriptions and unsolicited text messages.

How to do Halloween safely during the pandemic: no trick-or-treating door to door or wearing costume masks

The CDC released its Halloween and Day of the Dead coronavirus guidelines.

This home upgrade might be a waste of money

Tarek El Moussa of "Flip or Flop" fame now teaches novice house flippers his time-proven tricks on his new show, “Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa." But as the latest episode makes painfully clear, some of his protégés need more guidance than others.

The one thing every home with a child really needs

HGTV star Jasmine Roth and her husband, Brett, welcomed their first child, Hazel, in April. Roth deeply understands how a baby's arrival requires some changes around the home—so it seems fitting that this topic is front and center in the latest episode of her new show, “Help! I Wrecked My House."

These are the 5 best backyard pizza ovens

We're more than six months into this pandemic, and if you're anything like us, you're a bit tired of (OK, make that absolutely fatigued by) your dinner options.

Roe v. Wade could hang in the balance of a SCOTUS fight — a reminder of the financial barriers that abortion seekers face

Republicans plan to fill the seat vacated by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a longtime defender of abortion rights.

Scientists examine how adults and children fight off COVID-19 — and say it may have implications for vaccine research

Vaccine candidates to protect against SARS-CoV-2 are typically aimed at ‘neutralizing-antibodies.’ A new study suggests that boosting certain types of the body’s immunity may help too.

My wife and I live with my dying mother. My brothers and I will inherit her home. Should I ask her to sell it — and move in with me?

‘If she agrees to move, and puts the money in her bank account — a joint account with one of her grandchildren — what happens to the money? She gave that grandchild survivorship rights.’

If you don’t like the results of the presidential election, here’s where you can go

Consider language, cost of living and bureaucracy

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These cheap stocks could see huge gains during a vaccine-driven economic rebound

When analysts raise their earnings estimates, shares of some of the hardest-hit companies will begin to bounce back.

How Tesla stacks up against other tech juggernauts at similar stages — there’s good news and bad news

Tesla shares are up almost 800% over the past year, with investors hoping that the company's buzzy strategy update on battery technology Tuesday will provide another boost, even as cries of "overvalued" rain down. But can the stock keep up the pace?
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